Mawa-Coconut Ladu/ Milk-Coconut Fudge-- Microwaveble version

Mawa/Milk Powder coconut fudge

Hello Sweeties!!!! Ganpati Baapa came and left and we are again missing him. The wait begins for anr year for him to grace us again. 

I am usually prompt with the traditions and the meal/Sweets making that go along with it., but this year I sort of slipped and forgot to make some thing sweet on the tenth day i.e Ganesh Visarjan or Anant Chaturdashi. 

Saved by my cousin S, who brought some Coconut ladu, she made, I thght its would be OK and God would kind of excuse me this time.

God seems to have excused me, but Munchkin was not so kind. After gobbling the ones  S gave, he hinted he wanted more.
This is a twist to the Modak peda, where I added coconut to the milk mixture. These do melt in your mouth, taste kind of fudgy and  need to be kept refrigerated due to the mawa and milk contents.
You will need;
3.5 oz Condensed milk
  3.5 oz dry Non fat Milk powder
** I used Carnation Brand 
1/4th Stick Butter
 4 Tbspn Brown Sugar
1.5 shredded Fresh Coconut- Frozen works too.
1 tspn Elaichi
1 tbspn Pistachio powder

In a microwaveable glass bowl, melt the butter and add in the rest of the ingredients, mix well and pulse in the microwave for 3 minutes stopping every minute to stir and mix. 
When the mixture looks cooked and  starts becoming slightly hard, remove from the glass bowl and let cool for about 10-20 mins. When its easy to handle, start rolling the mixture into ladu's or spread on a well buttered plate and cut into pieces after its cooled completely. Enjoy it in any form, ladu or Fudge, this does taste amazing.

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