Malai Kulfi

Hello Sweeties!!!! Thanda Thanda cool cool.. Ice cream is on everyone's wish list. Sumner months we tend to hog on ice cream,, Popsicle and even barf ka gola( Much like a snow cone).

Back home, we used to frequent the only beach near home i.e., Juhu Beach. The regular bhel puri, ghoda gadi(PonyRide) and the carousel were the things we were allowed to do at the beach. My Mom had a weird fetish with the water being so dirty that she never allowed us to soak in the waves.

Malai kulfi in earthen pots was one thing she never ever refused us.  The memory of the kulfi has stuck in my mind. The kulfi walas in red shirt and white crisp pajama visited my moms locality at 8.30 pm every night. The small kulfi on a stick was around a Rupee or two. They carried their stock in biog cane baskets covered with red cloth. 

My mom used to scare all kids that they carry naughty kids who don't eat vegetables and listen to parents in those baskets. Small minds used to get scared and never demand any kulfi until they finally outgrew the story. 

Later,  every weekend we used to wait for the kulfi wala to show up and enjoy the Kulfi. Next trip home; If I can manage to find one kulfiwala, will get a picture for you all to enjoy.

You will need;
2- 8 oz cans Evaporated milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup Crushed Makhane/Lotus Seeds( Fry in ghee and then crush them)
1 tbspn milk masala.( Almond/walnut/cashew powder with Elaichi/Cardamom)

Step 1- prepare the kheer in slow cooker

In the stoneware that comes with the cooker, add the milk,  and sugar, stir once and set on high for the 1st hour. When you see a small boil, add the fried crushed makhane reduce to low and cook for 8-9 hours unattended. Its done when it changes its color and rice becomes transparent. Add in the milk masala and let cool.

Step 2-
Set the kheer  in Popsicle molds and set in the freezer for 5-6 hours.

Step 3-
Unmold the kulfi and enjoy it on a hot humid summer day!!

Do you have any such memories soon fading with time??? Preserve them now as you never know when they will end.


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