DIY -Trash to Treasure

Hello Dearies!!Happy Belated Earth day to you!!! Indulge has found a new space and shout out at Radhikas Imprints handmande blog. Yay!!! 

We exchanged  a few gifts when we met as all crafters and bloggers do. I gifted her these frames which I had purchased from IKEA, painted and drew some warli art forms.

Radhikas Imprints  gifted this amazing box to Ms. Ash.

The box was plain wood, which she hand painted and did the traditional rangoli designs. She has promised readers of indulge one such box when she is done with a few more. Since this is all hand work, this does take up a lot of time and effort. 

Thanks Radhika for the awesome gift. If you are interested in  ordering few for your self or as gifts head over to her blog and get in touch with her.

Also on earth day, Donut and Ms. Ash made this junk sculpture for school; Junk Robot.

For the robot we  wrapped a big box with some  leftover golden tissue packing paper, Donut drew the computer on a
scrap white paper. We used empty medicine boxes as legs and coffee cups as hands. The head was an empty yogurt can wrapped in remaining golden tissue paper. The eyes were old coins from some toy.

How did you celebrate Earth day?? did you resolve to re-cycle, re-use or did you plant a tree/shrub or plant? Do one of these or more on your part in keeping the earth for the future generations.


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