As the blogs comes closer to its first Birthday,  The time comes to thank evryone who in one way or other has encouraged me to continue and keep going, maybe at a snail's pace, but to keep posting and updating on my blog.

My DH who has taken a keen interest in the blog, and responsible for all the pictures. Thanks a ton for being
a sport and even eating the not so great things during the trials.

Sayli Panse of, deserves many many thanks for the makeover of the blog. She has given the blog the new look and is responsible for the all the Techno-Gimmicks you can see here.

Manali of, for being a support and showing me the way to copyrighting, posting, editing, in short all that it takes for blogging. She helped me create this blog and has been my sole inspiration for evrything.

Manasi of, for the support and encouragement to continue. Thanks Manasi for closely reading all my posts and commenting on evry one, your comments mean a lott for me. She encouraged me to post steadily as per my  speed and capability.

Vrushali of, she has not been a active blogger lately, due to work commitments, but she makes sure that she reads all my posts and messages me on each and every post.

Amisha of, she also has been missing from blogging for a while, but she also messages me on each and evry post.

Lastly I thank each and evryone of my friends who have stood by me, passed on recipes, send me blog Links, Speical Thanks to my Best friends V and M, who have given me opportunities to bake cakes at their special ocassions.

Without any of you, I would not have completed one year of Blogging. I look forward for the same love and affection for coming years. As a spcial treat for the Blog, I am joining Wilton's Cake decoarting class 1 this month. I will have  a exclusive label, where I will post stuff we did in class. Am so excited and looking forward for this. Wish me Luck girls!!!!!

Hugs and Love;
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